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Current Obsessions | Mini Handbags


Images Copyright of Zara, M&S, H&M and Mango.


I’m bag obsessed.

It’s true, ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you how they’ll usually find me in a corner fawning over a small, leather bag whenever we go shopping.

I think it’s because I’m a relatively simple dresser. I’ll try new styles but I know what I like and what I feel comfortable in. That’s where a bag comes in – with the right one I can express my personality and be a bit more adventurous. Sequins, rhinestone straps, bright yellow? Why the heck not. A bold bag can upgrade a simple pair of jeans and a shirt (a go-to outfit of mine) in a second.

So with that said, I thought I’d share my current obsessions – miniature bags – with you. While a miniature bag might not be the most practical, you can’t deny they’re cute!

You can find my bag picks here:

Crossover bag with floral straps, Zara, £29.99

Faux Leather crossover bag, M&S, £15

Shoulder bag, H&M, £29.99

Buckle leather bag, Mango, £35.99

Until next time!


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Zara | Bowling Bag

zara 1


I have always been way more of a bag fanatic than a shoe person, and whenever I’m out shopping I can’t help but look out for my next purchase. I love a bag that is full of colour and unique in its design and this bag from Zara certainly fits that criteria. I really like the bright purple of this bag, and its bowling bag design makes for a quirky finish!

Dearie me, I really need to stay away from the Zara website… 🙂

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Dress of the Day | Zara

zara dress


The sun is shining and I couldn’t be more excited that spring is finally here. For this spring, pastel tones are everywhere and this dress from Zara is the perfect piece to help incorporate the trend into your wardrobe. I love the light green tone of this dress and its polka dot detailing makes for a great match! This dress is definitely going to be on my birthday wishlist! 🙂

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Spring Style Trends | Stripes

         stripe overall 1

                         Zara-£9.99                                                      Mango-£14.99

stripe overall 2

                       Oasis-£25.00                                                                 Zara-£9.99

One of the many things I have inherited from my mother is her love of stripes. When I was little I remember her wearing striped t-shirts all the time, and because of the nostalgia this brings I have loved them ever since.  To me there’s nothing that creates more of a fresh, clean look than a striped t-shirt. I am also slightly obsessed with Audrey Hepburn and love the classic look of a striped t-shirt with a pair of slim fit trousers. There are some great variations of the stripe out there for Spring, with some of my favourites being included in this post!

Have a great rest of your day guys and embrace those stripes! 🙂

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Christmas Wish List | Zara Messenger Bag

zara 1


Christmas as cliched as it sounds is my favourite time of the year! I love the whole mood of the season, everyone’s smile is a little wider and the atmosphere is truly electric. This year I’ve not really asked for much for Christmas, but something that is high on my wish list is a new messenger bag. Earlier in the year, my mum gave me a beautiful blue satchel bag from Accessorize that I absolutely loved, but in the end my overloading of the bag proved too much and it snapped! A great replacement would be this maroon Zara bag, I love its quilted design and satchel-like features.

Hopefully Santa will get the hint!😉


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Scarf It Up | Winter Essentials

scarf 1

Gap-£24.99                                                H&M-£12.99

scarf 2

Zara-£19.99                                                  Warehouse-£26

I love it when the weather becomes cold enough that I can really bundle myself up against the winter chill and one of my favourite items to help me do this, is the scarf. A scarf is the perfect winter accessory, helping you to combat against the cold and adding that touch of colour and finish to an outfit. 

H&M have really embraced a strong bohemian trend this season, incorporating Aztec and bohemian style prints into a lot of their autumn/winter designs. One of my favourite H&M pieces to incorporate this trend, is this brown and orange printed scarf. I love the orange and brown tones of this scarf and the subtly of the Aztec print will allow you to incorporate this trend seamlessly into your wardrobe. For all you snood lovers out there also, Gap has a really great bohemian style scarf for you guys to check out.  

Chunky, long scarfs are an absolute favourite of mine and I really love these two from Zara and Warehouse. The Zara scarf will help you subtly incorporate the tartan trend into your look without going overboard and the monochrome design of this Warehouse scarf makes it a must-have for the season!

Have fun wrapping up warm guys! 🙂

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Mango | Pick of the Day

mango chiffon.jpg


I used to be such a Zara girl, with the store being my absolute favourite place to shop. On a recent trip out shopping, I had the realization that I’m slowly converting to Mango! The new A/W collection at Mango, is really amazing with loads of cool prints and pieces being featured. This floral chiffon blouse in particular really caught my eye, I love its curved neckline and its sheer sleeves give it that cool seventies vibe!

I’m sorry Zara, it’s not you its me 😉  …

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