That time I got stuck in a dress!

Yes that’s right! But before I get into the gory details, I just want to explain a little bit about my absence from this blog (I can’t believe this is my first post of 2015 – shameful!).

So I got a job as a copywriter, which is great as it allows me to do what I love but because of this I have let things slide with the blog. As to be honest, after writing all day I literally feel as thought I have no more words left to give!

But when this funny little thing happened to me, I found myself wanting to share it with you guys, reciting the story back to myself as though it were a blog post – so hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything…

The first thing you need to know is that it’s wedding season at the moment, I have two family weddings in the space of a week to go to. So I’ve been searching, and searching, and searching for not one but two dresses to wear. After ordering many dresses and being disappointed, I saw two dresses online that I liked the look of (one more than the other) and quickly ordered them. The dresses came two days before I was due to go on holiday (Menorca – it was lovely!) and I quickly tried them on. Neither dress was right, but the second made me look like little bo peep, something a little reminiscent of …

I couldn’t stop laughing at how stupid I looked, so quickly ran around the house showing each family member. After getting dragged into a conversation about the holiday, I went to my room to take the dress off.

What I should’ve told you first is that when I put the dress on the zip didn’t seem right, it looked uneven but went up without too much of a fuss so I didn’t think too much of it – until it came to take the dress off that is. The zip wouldn’t move, not even one teeny-bit, it just kept getting to the same spot and jamming – great!

Unfazed, I went to my mum for assistance (she can pretty much fix anything). She tried and tried moving that zip up and down but it wouldn’t budge. OK, so what now?

My mum had a light bulb moment and suggested that we try soap, so we gave that a go being careful not to stain the dress in the process. No matter how much soap we put on that zip it didn’t move one inch. It wanted a war!

I’m not going to lie, at this point I was starting to get really frustrated. It was a hot day, I’d just finished work for my holiday and this dress palarva was seriously killing my vibe! Maybe a change of perspective was what I needed.

So I went to my dad, who after looking at me as though I was crazy attempted to jiggle the zip up and down before giving up and getting back to shouting at Serena Williams on the TV (Wimbledon-season). So that was a fail. What about my older brother? He gave me the same bizarre stare before doing the same thing and giving up – what is it with these men?

At this point, I was really start to loose it. Don’t get me wrong, at first I found it hilarious but after an hour and a half of being in this dress I began to feel as though this was going to be my life. I pictured myself boarding the plane in the dress, going to the pool in the dress, diving into the clear blue water in the dress – that’s it I thought, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

So after some more time spent flailing around in the dress, I called the company up. Yes that’s right, can you imagine how embarrassing that phone call was? After trying to get my situation across to them on the phone (I really don’t think they understood the severity of my distress but whatever) they gave me permission to cut myself out of the dress. I had to practically stop myself from squealing down the phone – that’ll teach this monstrosity of a dress from trying to hold me hostage!!!

I spun the dress around and started to cut the material closest to the zip (realising that it had gotten seriously caught in the zip). After a few minutes, I was able to wriggle free! And then … FREEDOM! I forgot how good it felt to move about, so started prancing around doing a mini-celebration dance in my bathroom! Wednesday would have been proud…

My story ends with an awkward walk into store the next morning to take the two dresses back, I practically wanted to fling them at the counter and run, but of course they were expecting me. The dresses were returned without fuss and I got a full refund, I was even complemented on my handy work!

You’ll be happy to know I boarded the plane that weekend in a nice, safe, predictable pair of capri-pants (hurrah). Oh and I did secure two dresses for the weddings that I have coming up, finding them was surprisingly stress free after all that! 😛

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