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Sunday funday!


I take the “easy like Sunday morning” approach very seriously, as to me a Sunday is for doing the things that you love – that’s why I’m currently taking the time to write this post!

I tend to get lazy with my appearance on a Sunday, tying my hair up and not caring too much about what I wear – I’ve got a rather hilarious mix-matched ensemble on today! But who cares, I’ll continue to look like a normal person tomorrow when I’m back in my weekly routine, but today I’m going to eat peanut butter straight from the jar, lounge around in my hoodie and watch rubbish TV!

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend loves!


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Who’s Up For A Lazy Sunday?

My favourite day of the week ever since I was a child has always been Sunday-partially because I was allowed to wake up late and watch cartoons till lunch but also because I knew that it was a day for seeing family and hanging out. A Sunday has always felt like it had infinite possibilities, which is silly really seen as Monday proceeds it!

On this glorious Sunday, I have been for a walk in our local park and am about to sit down to a roast with the family. I will also go visit my grams later. Not so lazy huh?

Song of the day: ***Flawless by Bey ( that Chimamanda verse is so powerful)

Have a great Sunday guys 🙂

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