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Style Diaries | Celeb Inspiration for 2014!

e and l

For 2014 I want to change up my style slightly, taking inspiration from two of my favourite actresses to help me do so. Emma Watson and Lily Collins are two of my ultimate style crushes and I would love to steal certain elements of their style and incorporate it into my own!

Emma Watson’s style is incredibly polished and put together, something I wish I could do a little more of.  I love how regardless of whether she’s walking down the street or a red carpet, her style is always sophisticated and very Parisian chic. I’ve always regarded her style as a modern day take on Audrey Hepburn’s.


One thing I really admire about Emma is how unafraid she is of taking risks on the red carpet, with the outfit she wore to The Golden Globes being a prime example of this. The pairing of this Christian Dior Haute Couture dress with a pair of fitted cigarette pants is absolutely stunning on Emma, with the outfit showing two very different sides to the actress’s style. From the front the dress is very demure and sophisticated, but from the back the outfit expresses more of a quirky, edge.

My style crush #2 has to be Lily Collins, I really love how diverse her style is and wish I could switch it up just as much as she does. She is very versatile and adventurous when it comes to her look, experimenting with a range of styles from bohemian, to grunge. 

lily collins

This look that Lily wore to the Chanel Metiers d’Art show in December is absolutely stunning. I love the contrast of this sequined Chanel dress with a pair of thigh high boots, as it’s something I would never normally think to put together myself.  Another aspect of Lily’s look that I would love to take inspiration from is her hair. For such a long time now I have practically drooled over short, bobbed hair and Lily’s is near enough perfection to me.

Taking inspiration from Emma’s flawless, Parisian-esque style and Lily’s experimental flare, I feel like I’m set to achieve my 2014 style resolutions!


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Style Diaries | Mid-Length Hair

shorter hair

I’ve just had my hair cut so that instead of being super long and nearly coming up to my waist, it now comes up just below my shoulders, yay!

I have to admit I’m really bad at maintaining a hair style, growing my hair out months at a time. Now that I’ve had my hair cut though I feel like I’ve caught the hair-cutting bug. I’ve always liked the look of a mid-length bob like the one rocked by Marion Cotillard or the shoulder length hair that Emma Watson and Natalie Portman have. These two hairstyles always look so Parisian and polished and who knows if I’m brave enough they might inspire my next trip to the hairdressers!

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Style Simplicity | Style Diaries


I would definitely describe my style as simple, not boring simple or unfashionable simple, just simple. I’m not really a daring dresser or someone who wears clothes that I don’t feel comfortable in. Don’t get me wrong I love to change up my look and experiment with fashion but ultimately I favour a more simplistic style! On seeing the phrase ‘there is beauty in simplicity’ I couldn’t help but think how perfectly this describes my style as well as life in general. It’s often the simple things that make us the happiest. 

I have numerous style icons that I look up to for inspiration, with Lily Collins, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo being my ultimate style crushes! I absolutely love the outfits each of them are wearing below, with each look showing a different take on simplistic style!



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Style Diaries | Cleaning Out My Closet

clothes hangers

As I have free time now that my last semester is officially over, I have started to do all the things that I have been neglecting over the last few months.  One of the first things on my to do list was to clean out my over flowing wardrobe. As sad as this may sound, going through my wardrobe was one of the most therapeutic things I’ve done in a while. It felt amazing to clean out some space and let go of all the things that I had no use for anymore. It was nice also to give my unwanted clothes to charity, so that they can be of use to others now that they are no longer of use to me.

So my challenge for you is to do the same, your wardrobe will feel a lot lighter and the charity shops will be very appreciative! An added bonus also, is that by getting rid of your old clothes you will then have room to replace them with new ones!

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Style Diaries | Mother Knows Best!


Most of you would have been dressed by your mothers when you were younger, and only now looking back can you scoff at some of the dodgy clothing that you were put in! I have come to realise that although there may have been times when the clothes my mother put me in were questionable, mother really does know best! The best example of this, can be seen last year when I was brought a denim jacket with a fur collar for my birthday.  I immediately loved the jacket but never wore it and it lived in my wardrobe for a whole year! This winter I saw the jacket in my wardrobe and thought I would try it on and it looked great, I haven’t stopped wearing it since!

I still can’t believe that this little gem had been gathering dust in my wardrobe for a whole year and in this instance the sentiment of ‘mother knows best’ couldn’t have been truer!

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Style Diaries | Retro Recycle

My mum was raiding her wardrobe the other day, sifting through her old clothing in hope of giving some to the local charity shop. She kept some things aside for me to look through, in case I wanted to keep one or two of them for myself.  One of the items she saved for me really caught my eye, it was a thick navy fisherman’s jumper that I can remember my mum buying as a child. I tried it on and absolutely loved it, its fit was perfect and I loved the sentimental value attached to it!

This little exchange got me thinking, all clothing has a history and a sentiment attached to it, maybe it’s the top you wore on that perfect summers day or the dress that made you feel like a princess on prom night, so why be selfish and keep these items for ourselves! Unwanted clothing can be given a new lease of life by someone, somewhere else. So give to charity shops and in turn hit the vintage shops, you never know what history you might encounter and what memories you might make!

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Style Diaries | Channelling Ms Hepburn

I have had a pair of black H&M capri pants for the past 3 years and have worn them to absolute death! Whenever I wear them I cannot help channelling Audrey Hepburn, pairing them with my favourite monochrome flats and a basic top. They have been an absolute God send in the Summer months too, providing me with an alternative to wearing just shorts and dresses!

The time however has now come to say goodbye to my beloved capris and find a new pair to play with! There’s no harm keeping them tucked into my bottom draw though . . . just in case!


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