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Reign | Royal Hair Inspiration


Although I’m a little late on this, I recently discovered the CW series Reign and have been shamelessly storming through the first season of the show ever since. Aside from the series itself which is great, a big reason why I have fallen in love with the show is the amazing hair and wardrobe featured. The show which is set in France in 1557, remains true to the time period of the drama in terms of wardrobe, hair and makeup whilst still managing to bring the looks into the 21st century. The lead character Mary played by Adelaide Kane has some beautiful hairstyles on the show, with statement headbands and beaded braids being a big part of her character’s style.

To help you bring a touch of Reign to your look, here are a few hair accessories reminiscent of the show:

hairband asos

ASOS- £12

hair band h&m


hair band Forever 21

Forever 21-£2.40

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Hair Inspiration | Mid-Length Hairstyles

hair inspiration

I have always been really bad at maintaining a hairstyle, largely because my hair tends to just grow out very quickly and I always forget to drag myself back to the hairdressers. But with a family party coming up this week, I have finally booked a hair appointment and taken to google to give myself some much needed hair-inspiration.

I love the whole mid-length hair trend that started bubbling away earlier on this year, as for someone like me who is so attached to their hair it provides some change without having to be too drastic! Some of my favourite mid-length looks have come from Lily Collins, Emma Stone as well as Emma Watson and Ingrid Nilsen -who have all pulled off the look perfectly!

Hopefully with this as inspiration, my grown out locks will soon be transformed! 🙂

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Hair Ties | Accessories

hair ties

I love a good hair accessory and when the weather’s hot there’s nothing I love more than tying my hair back! I’ve seen some of these non- crease hair ties floating around for a while now, seeing celebs such as Kendall Jenner and Reese Witherspoon wearing them. They are a great hair accessory that can also double as a cool wristband. I especially love the designs from  Mane Message , they have some really cute floral and tie dye prints!

I really am a bit hair obsessed recently huh? 🙂

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French Plait | Go To Hair

french plait. 1png

In the summer months, I love to let my hair grow long and wild so I can experiment with it’s style a bit more. Recently, I’ve noticed that whenever I’m a little unsure as to how to wear my hair I always reach for a bobble and braid it into a french plait. Braiding your hair is a super quick and easy way to create a really polished and chic look. It’s also great for when you just want to lift all of your hair out of your face! Emily Rossum and Amanda Seyfried have both created really pretty looks with their french plaits. I also love how Bella Thorne  has put her own twist on the fishtail braid by adding colourful ribbons to create a really textured look!

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Styling | Updo Hairstyles



There’s something about an intricate updo that makes me dress and feel different! With all of my hair up and out of my face it allows me to experiment with my look more. The blank canvas this creates really allows me to produce a new look every time I wear my hair this way.  This hairstyle is perfect for second day hair or to be worn for an effortless day or evening look .

So ladies try an updo the next time you want to feel chic and change up your look!


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