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Autumn, Welcome!


A month ago I was weeping at the thought of those long hot summer days disappearing for another year, yearning to reverse the last few months so that I could experience the summer all over again. But this week, things changed. I stepped out to endless scattered orange leaves on the ground and a cold winter chill in the air and I got so excited! Excited for wrapping up warm with big woolly scarves, for Sunday walks with the family in the crisp air and for the countdown to Halloween/Bonfire Night!

So Autumn thank you for coming ūüôā let’s go have some fun together!

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Zoella | The Rise of the YouTuber

On Sunday¬†night, while watching my guilty pleasure of the week (the UK X-Factor) I was pleasantly¬†surprised to see an advert for¬†Zoe Sugg’s a.k.a¬†Zoella’s YouTube channel. Up until this point there’s been very distinct boundaries¬†between the two worlds of television and YouTube but it would seem that now more than ever such¬†boundaries are becoming more and more blurred. To see the advert and Zoe’s take on it, watch her vlog from Sunday¬†below:¬†

I first discovered YouTube as a form of entertainment a few years back, when I¬†started to watch such¬†people as¬†Charlieissooollike,¬†MissGlamorazzi and Sprinkle of Glitter.¬†Ever since then I’ve fallen in love with YouTube as a platform, relishing the freedom that it gives me to watch whatever I want, whenever I want.¬†What I think is so interesting about YouTube as a form of social media,¬†is that it’s¬†the first of it’s kind¬†and is accessible to all-in theory anyone of us could become a¬†‘YouTuber’. That’s why the rise of Zoella as a channel and now as a brand is so fascinating.

After surpassing 6 million followers on her channel,¬†Zoe has recently launched ¬†Zoella Beauty¬†-her own range of bath and beauty products. For anyone who is familiar with Zoe’s videos, the line of beauty products could not be more perfect for the 24-year old, with¬†every piece¬†being something that you could see her using.¬†As if the success of the beauty range wasn’t enough,¬†Zoe is also set to release a fictional novel¬†later on this year.


I guess with no blueprint to follow, it’s up to Zoe and her¬†fellow YouTubers to direct their online careers in whichever direction they choose. It will be interesting to see the longevity of YouTube as a platform, as well as the YouTubers themselves. But if anyone can create a lasting career¬†in this role, my money’s on those YouTubers like Zoe who keep themselves grounded and create relatable content for¬†their audience.

For a selection of such YouTubers, have a look below for some of my favourite¬†beauty guru’s, vloggers and documentary makers, enjoy ūüôā …

Essie Button


Ugly Face Of Beauty




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