Style Diaries | Celeb Inspiration for 2014!

e and l

For 2014 I want to change up my style slightly, taking inspiration from two of my favourite actresses to help me do so. Emma Watson and Lily Collins are two of my ultimate style crushes and I would love to steal certain elements of their style and incorporate it into my own!

Emma Watson’s style is incredibly polished and put together, something I wish I could do a little more of.  I love how regardless of whether she’s walking down the street or a red carpet, her style is always sophisticated and very Parisian chic. I’ve always regarded her style as a modern day take on Audrey Hepburn’s.


One thing I really admire about Emma is how unafraid she is of taking risks on the red carpet, with the outfit she wore to The Golden Globes being a prime example of this. The pairing of this Christian Dior Haute Couture dress with a pair of fitted cigarette pants is absolutely stunning on Emma, with the outfit showing two very different sides to the actress’s style. From the front the dress is very demure and sophisticated, but from the back the outfit expresses more of a quirky, edge.

My style crush #2 has to be Lily Collins, I really love how diverse her style is and wish I could switch it up just as much as she does. She is very versatile and adventurous when it comes to her look, experimenting with a range of styles from bohemian, to grunge. 

lily collins

This look that Lily wore to the Chanel Metiers d’Art show in December is absolutely stunning. I love the contrast of this sequined Chanel dress with a pair of thigh high boots, as it’s something I would never normally think to put together myself.  Another aspect of Lily’s look that I would love to take inspiration from is her hair. For such a long time now I have practically drooled over short, bobbed hair and Lily’s is near enough perfection to me.

Taking inspiration from Emma’s flawless, Parisian-esque style and Lily’s experimental flare, I feel like I’m set to achieve my 2014 style resolutions!


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