Breaking My Topshop Pact!

Hello my dears,

Sorry for the absence from my blog, I feel like I haven’t posted in ages but it’s only been like two weeks! My absence has largely been due to just life taking over and the fact that I haven’t really been that inspired by fashion to blog about it, but don’t worry I think I’ve got my mojo back! 😉

If you’ve followed this blog for a while now you’ll know that I love watching YouTube videos, watching a variety of YouTubers from beauty guru’s to daily vloggers. One beauty guru that I’ve recently started watching is Essie Button (she’s really cool, so go check her out if you haven’t already) and I really like her style! On watching her Sweater Weather tag, I saw that Estée was wearing this really pretty soft lilac/baby blue jumper that I instantly fell in love with. I also really liked how Estée layered the jumper over a spotted purple blouse, it created a really pretty combo!

essie button

Topshop jumperTopshop-£38

On looking in the description box for the video, I saw a link to the jumper and got very excited until I saw where the jumper was from. I know what I’m about to say next is practically a sin for any girl interested in fashion, but I’m not really a big fan of Topshop and never have been. Whenever I enter the store, I never really get excited by the clothes and find it very over priced for the quality and design of the clothing. This jumper however is seriously making me rethink my Topshop ban. I’ve been looking for a jumper this colour for a while now and I may just have to swallow my pride and take a visit to Topshop to try it on.

Not buy, just try it on of course!


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