The Power of Three | October 2013

Hey guys!

So here’s my second ‘The Power of Three’ post and if you didn’t catch the first one you can take a peek at what exactly this new series is here.

1.  Favourite Fashion/Beauty Item

cerrutti 1881

One of my favourite 21st birthday gifts was this Cerrutti 1881 perfume that was given to me by my cousin. I have literally worn this perfume non-stop ever since it was given to me, wearing it everyday of the past month! I have never had so many compliments over a perfume as I do when I wear this scent, so thanks cus 🙂

2. Favourite Song

I only heard this song two days ago but it’s safe to say that I’m officially hooked! My brother was playing this song in his car and on hearing it I loved the carefree message of the song’s lyrics. Emeli’s soulful voice is perfect for the track and the accompanying video is great too! 

3. Inspiration of the Month

I’ve been watching the Channel 4 documentary series ‘Educating Yorkshire’ over the past few weeks and have grown to love it just as much as I did its predecessor ‘Educating Essex’. Last weeks’s episode featured my inspirational moment of the month, with the episode chronicling a student’s struggle to overcome a stammer in time to take part in his English GCSE. The moment when pupil Musharaf, was able to overcome his stammer and address his classmates on his last day of school brought me to tears. It was truly amazing and emotional to watch the reactions of Musharaf’s fellow students as they watched him overcome his stammer! Be warned this clip may provoke leakage of the eyeballs!

Until next year October! 🙂

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