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Style Simplicity | Style Diaries


I would definitely describe my style as simple, not boring simple or unfashionable simple, just simple. I’m not really a daring dresser or someone who wears clothes that I don’t feel comfortable in. Don’t get me wrong I love to change up my look and experiment with fashion but ultimately I favour a more simplistic style! On seeing the phrase ‘there is beauty in simplicity’ I couldn’t help but think how perfectly this describes my style as well as life in general. It’s often the simple things that make us the happiest. 

I have numerous style icons that I look up to for inspiration, with Lily Collins, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo being my ultimate style crushes! I absolutely love the outfits each of them are wearing below, with each look showing a different take on simplistic style!



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Hair Ties | Accessories

hair ties

I love a good hair accessory and when the weather’s hot there’s nothing I love more than tying my hair back! I’ve seen some of these non- crease hair ties floating around for a while now, seeing celebs such as Kendall Jenner and Reese Witherspoon wearing them. They are a great hair accessory that can also double as a cool wristband. I especially love the designs from  Mane Message , they have some really cute floral and tie dye prints!

I really am a bit hair obsessed recently huh? 🙂

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French Plait | Go To Hair

french plait. 1png

In the summer months, I love to let my hair grow long and wild so I can experiment with it’s style a bit more. Recently, I’ve noticed that whenever I’m a little unsure as to how to wear my hair I always reach for a bobble and braid it into a french plait. Braiding your hair is a super quick and easy way to create a really polished and chic look. It’s also great for when you just want to lift all of your hair out of your face! Emily Rossum and Amanda Seyfried have both created really pretty looks with their french plaits. I also love how Bella Thorne  has put her own twist on the fishtail braid by adding colourful ribbons to create a really textured look!

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Lily Collins | On A Fashion Role

lily collins

It’s no secret that I admire Lily Collins and her style, she has even been the subject of numerous style posts on this very blog. Lily in recent weeks has been on the promotional trail for her new film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and has been on an absolute fashion role. All of the outfits she has worn have been impeccable, I love how different the styling of each outfit has been but how they have all remained classic and elegant. I particularly like the Fausto Puglisi Resort skirt Lily wore to the Teen Choice Awards last week. The whole look was very young and fresh and she certainly stood out on the night!

I cannot wait to see what else Lily steps out in on this promotional tour, let’s hope the fashion just keeps getting better and better!


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Style Crush | Blake Lively

blake 1

blake 2

I haven’t done a Style Crush post in a very long time and thought that this one in particular was long overdue! Blake Lively has been topping the best dressed lists for years with her impeccable street style and Hollywood glamour. I have to admit I never watched Gossip Girl (I was more of a One Tree Hill kind of chic 😉 ) so I never fell in love with Serena and her style, I fell in love with Blake’s. Blake’s style is at it’s absolute best on the red carpet, with every red carpet appearance warranting yet another dazzling dress. One of the best looks I have seen her wear, was the white caped dress that she wore to the Chime For Change concert earlier this year.  I loved how she accessorized this white dress with bright colourful bangles and pink metallic toe-capped shoes.


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Holiday Newbies | H&M and Barry M

I try to keep a staple collection of summer clothes that I can bring out every summer. Each year, I like to incorporate some new pieces into this collection in order for it to stay relevant in its style. This year H&M could have literally sponsored my wardrobe choices, as all of my new items came from their summer sales! 🙂

h&m top


(Reduced from-£7.99)

I really liked the cut out style that came out earlier this year and with this top being only £4, I could hardly resist trying out the style for myself. This top looks great with a fresh tan also! dress h&m


(Reduced from-£12.99)

This kharki heart print dress was great for throwing on whilst lounging by the beach or pool!

h&m sandals


(Reduced from £12.99)

These sandals really have become my new obsession, I love the mixing of bright neon pink and purple. This pair  looked great matched with a dress for a more formal look or with shorts and a top for a more casual feel. 

I know this isn’t a piece of clothing or from H&M 😉 but I just couldn’t resist, Berry Ice Cream by Barry M has become my go to nail polish for the summer. It’s purple bright tones give any outfit an added pop!

barry m

Berry Ice Cream-£2.99

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Summer Holiday| I’m Back!

Γεια σας everyone!

Sorry for the short leave of absence from the world of blogging but summer was calling me and I had to go answer its call! 🙂

I have been holidaying with my family on the Greek island of Zakynthos this past week. The sun was shining, the sea was glistening and I could not have asked for a more relaxing week!

I love being on holiday, I love how freeing it is to strip off all the layers and go back to basics with the clothes I wear and how I style myself. I’m sure I’m meant for a warmer climate 🙂


Have a great weekend guys and I’ll keep the posts coming now that I’m back and fully rested!



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