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Fashion of the Day | Zara New Collection

zara dress


I really loved the bird print trend that started popping up about a year ago, I even did a blog post on my favourite prints of the high street! Having my usual weekly scroll around Zara’s website, I spotted this dress which incorporates the bird print trend perfectly! I really love the bright orange of this dress against the soft white of the print. It’s a perfect dress for  summer that truly embodies the bright, carefree feeling of the season!

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Inspiration | Sara Bareilles Being Brave

I normally do my Inspiration series on those individuals that I feel inspired by in relation to fashion but today I am going to share a slightly different source of inspiration with you guys! I recently watched Sara Bareilles’s video for Brave and thought it had a really amazing and upbeat message…

I love the notion of not being constrained by what other people think of you or how society wants you to act! Whats so wrong with have a little boogie in the street anyway?

Feel brave and have a great day guys! 🙂


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100th Post and Now 101| Quick Update!

Wow, my last post  which I uploaded a few minutes ago is officially my 100th post, how crazy is that?


Thank you to everyone that has ever liked or followed my blog, all the comments and support is very much appreciated! Here’s to the a further 100 more! 🙂

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Favorite Summer Scent | Flower by Kenzo


For my graduation, my parents got me a small gift in the form of a bottle of perfume. One thing to know about me is that I am a big perfume hoarder, I absolutely love trying out different scents and brands! The most recent addition to my collection, was the Summer Fragrance of Flower by Kenzo.  The scent of this perfume is really sweet and has a strong floral punch to it! Apart from the scent which is perfect for those long, hot summer months I absolutely love the shape of the bottle and its design, it really stands out on my dresser table.

Above all else I love getting a fragrance that is related to a person or a time in my life, so that whenever I spray that fragrance I remember who gave it to me and why! It’s nice to know that forever I will remember the day of my graduation and the gift that was given to me!

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Find Your Inspiration | Blake Lively

 Blake Lively in Glamour Magazine photshoot spread editorial love 1

“I don’t work with a stylist. It’s never someone else imposing something like ‘This is a trend, you should embrace this.’ I wear whatever I’m feeling”

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Track On Replay | Tori Kelly + Jeremy Passion

My track obsession right now!


It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Tori Kelly , with the only thing I love more than this singer being her duets with Jeremy Passion. I first heard their rendition of  One Man Woman by Playa feat Aaliyah last year and instantly fell in love with it. Seeing their new cover pop up on my YouTube subscriptions feed made me incredibly excited and in my opinion they really have out done themselves with this latest collaboration!

So take a listen and enjoy…

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YouTube Hauls for Inspiration| Zara

zara dress

Zara- £22.99

I love getting fashion inspiration from watching shopping hauls on YouTube, I could honestly spend hours having a nosey at what people have bought! Two of my favourite vloggers are MissGlamorazzi and FleurDeForce and after watching their latest haul together, I really cannot wait to hit the Summer sales! One of my favourite pieces that was shown in the video, was a multi-coloured palm tree dress from Zara worn by Ingrid (a.k.a MissGlamorazzi). 

I immediately searched for the dress online but it had unfortunately already sold out, 😦 so I guess the only thing left to do now is to go searching for it in Zara!

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