Style Diaries | Cleaning Out My Closet

clothes hangers

As I have free time now that my last semester is officially over, I have started to do all the things that I have been neglecting over the last few months.  One of the first things on my to do list was to clean out my over flowing wardrobe. As sad as this may sound, going through my wardrobe was one of the most therapeutic things I’ve done in a while. It felt amazing to clean out some space and let go of all the things that I had no use for anymore. It was nice also to give my unwanted clothes to charity, so that they can be of use to others now that they are no longer of use to me.

So my challenge for you is to do the same, your wardrobe will feel a lot lighter and the charity shops will be very appreciative! An added bonus also, is that by getting rid of your old clothes you will then have room to replace them with new ones!

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