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Kate Bosworth | Coachella

kate bosworth

I love when Coachella comes around because all the festival-goers always get so creative with their fashion, channeling their inner flower child and really going for it! The one person who I think has really nailed it this year is Kate Bosworth. The two outfits shown above  are a real breathe of fresh air, with Kate exuding festival glamour without having to  look too stereotypical or uniform!

P.s apologies for the lacking of blogging lately, I’ve been rather busy but I’m getting back into my routine now 🙂

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Olivia Palermo | Outfit of the Day

olivia pol 3

I swear this girl does not own a single pair of sweats in her wardrobe, every time I see her she looks absolutely flawless! From the soft chunky knit paired with the animal printed skirt, to the bright orange  accessories, this outfit is absolutely stunning!

Who knew you could look so chic crossing the road…

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