Style Diaries | Mother Knows Best!


Most of you would have been dressed by your mothers when you were younger, and only now looking back can you scoff at some of the dodgy clothing that you were put in! I have come to realise that although there may have been times when the clothes my mother put me in were questionable, mother really does know best! The best example of this, can be seen last year when I was brought a denim jacket with a fur collar for my birthday.  I immediately loved the jacket but never wore it and it lived in my wardrobe for a whole year! This winter I saw the jacket in my wardrobe and thought I would try it on and it looked great, I haven’t stopped wearing it since!

I still can’t believe that this little gem had been gathering dust in my wardrobe for a whole year and in this instance the sentiment of ‘mother knows best’ couldn’t have been truer!

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