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©Nicole Nodland 120627-VoguePandora-2-0386erl

Flicking through the pages of Vogue, I came across this photo spread thinking it was some sort of fashion editorial. It was only when I noticed the Pandora logo at the bottom of the images that I realised it was an advertising campaign for Pandora. Regardless, the styling of this campaign is amazing and I love the Mexican feel that runs throughout these images.  The electric blue that the styling seems to revolve around is a really bold, vibrant colour and the styling of the hair is beautiful, call me crazy but I would wear my hair like this every day if I could! What? Who doesn’t like a good fabric twist?



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6 responses to “Styling | Pandora

  1. Amazing cobalt blue, such a strong look. The jewellery seems almost secondary.

  2. It looks amazing! Oh the rings…

  3. I am totally anti-Pandora, but I LOVE this ad!! The blue is mesmerizing!

  4. The rings are amazing, aren’t there?
    And Kisses from Uk the blue is definitely mesmerizing, really pretty!

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