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Find Your Inspiration | Whitney Port


“Do not be afraid of taking chances. Step out of the lines a little bit. If you just do everything one note, you’re always going to be average—and no one wants to always be average. If you will it and you tell yourself that you can pull off a unique outfit, then you will pull it off.”

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Emma Stone | The Croods Premiere


Emma Stone has immaculate taste in both her acting roles and fashion sense (she never fails to make me laugh and always seems to look amazing!) This latest look worn at the premiere of her new animated film The Croods, really gets me excited for spring. A time in which we can put away all the dark, dreary colours that we’ve been wearing for the last few months and step into the light, something this latest look certainly does! The splash of tangerine orange against the soft white of this dress creates a really fresh, clean look and the twisted up-do is just pure sophistication!  

*Sigh* this girl can do no wrong…  


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Styling | Pandora

©Nicole Nodland 120627-VoguePandora-2-0386erl

Flicking through the pages of Vogue, I came across this photo spread thinking it was some sort of fashion editorial. It was only when I noticed the Pandora logo at the bottom of the images that I realised it was an advertising campaign for Pandora. Regardless, the styling of this campaign is amazing and I love the Mexican feel that runs throughout these images.  The electric blue that the styling seems to revolve around is a really bold, vibrant colour and the styling of the hair is beautiful, call me crazy but I would wear my hair like this every day if I could! What? Who doesn’t like a good fabric twist?


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