Style Diaries | Retro Recycle

My mum was raiding her wardrobe the other day, sifting through her old clothing in hope of giving some to the local charity shop. She kept some things aside for me to look through, in case I wanted to keep one or two of them for myself.  One of the items she saved for me really caught my eye, it was a thick navy fisherman’s jumper that I can remember my mum buying as a child. I tried it on and absolutely loved it, its fit was perfect and I loved the sentimental value attached to it!

This little exchange got me thinking, all clothing has a history and a sentiment attached to it, maybe it’s the top you wore on that perfect summers day or the dress that made you feel like a princess on prom night, so why be selfish and keep these items for ourselves! Unwanted clothing can be given a new lease of life by someone, somewhere else. So give to charity shops and in turn hit the vintage shops, you never know what history you might encounter and what memories you might make!

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