Lily Collins | Statement Eyebrows

I love individuals that go against the grain in terms of their look and image, I really admire their strive for individuality. When first seeing Lily Collins, I was intrigued by her striking look, a major part of this intrigue was her eyebrows! Lily has long, thick statement eyebrows that really give her a strong, retro look and feel!  It’s nice to see an actress that isn’t afraid to be themselves and not conform to the ‘now’ beauty or fashion trends!  I believe everyone should take a leaf out of Lily’s book and embrace their unique qualities and features!

“It used to bother me – having bigger, fuller brows. I even plucked them once so I’d fit in, but I hated them and couldn’t wait for them to grow back. Now I embrace them. I’ve realized the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful.” 


  1. I had really thick eyebrows too I dont knw y I decided to make them thin -.- and after constant plucking nw they dont grow bak thick 😦 I regret it !

    1. I have really thick eyebrows too, I think they give character! I wouldn’t worry I’m sure they will grow back if you leave them for a while! Thanks for your comment and good luck 🙂

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