Style Diaries | Rain Rain Go Away…

It’s summer right? The sun is shining, the sky is blue, laughter fills the air …

Unfortunately where I live it’s a little more like this  …

The weather has been terrible for the last few weeks and I find myself totally confused on what to wear! My summer clothes are neatly placed in their designated draw gathering dust, screaming out to be worn. But the weather I’m afraid has very different ideas! In an attempt to give these clothes a little wear, I pulled some key items out of my summer wardrobe and incorporated them into outfits that I could wear now!


I have been using tank tops like this for layering,  putting them underneath colourful tops and jumpers.  I really like the look layering gives to an outfit, allowing it to look effortless and chic at the same time! Once the weather is sunny again I will shed all of the layers and wear this top with shorts or a denim skirt!


Dark skinny jeans have really been my saviour in this weather and can be worn all year round. Dark jeans also give more of a slimming effect than those of  a lighter wash, so that’s a plus right? In the cold, damp weather they can be tucked into boots and in the Summer can be paired with colourful flats or wedges.


I have a similar cardigan to this one from H&M at £7.99, and I have been wearing mine non stop! I have been layering up this light weight cardigan underneath jackets and over tops. The cardigan as it is very light weight, can easily be worn in the Summer and its bright colours will give any outfit a colourful lift!


I have been wearing summer dresses similar to the one shown with chunky black tights and long cardigans . The completed look is very feminine and weather appropriate! When the sun starts to shine again, the dress will be worn with flats and sandals and on holiday will be a great dress to put over a swimming costume!


       My Converse black pumps have been an absolute God send! They are so comfy to walk in and give any look a great casual vibe. I have been mostly pairing them with my dark skinny jeans but in the Summer will be rocking them with shorts and capri pants!

I know you can do a rain dance but I wonder if you can do a sun dance? If so I will be out in the rain dancing my little butt off !!!

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