Style Diaries | Getting Out Of My Style Funk!

They say the hardest step is admitting when you have a problem so here is my confession…

When I like certain clothing and become comfortable wearing those specific items I tend to wear them to death, to the point of severe repetition.  This morning however when I reached for my usual predictable ensemble I felt bored! Bored with the predictability of it all, bored with my choices and mostly bored with the outfits themselves. So I decided to wear a completely different outfit than I normally would, I digged out a top that I had frankly forgotten about and pulled out a discarded cardigan creating a fresh, new look.

By deciding to be bold and try something new I got myself out of my own style funk and it felt great! Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone  can give you a new sense of confidence in your own creativity and inventiveness. I therefore urge you to join me in digging out the rarely worn clothes in your wardrobe and create a new look and a new image. Good luck ladies!


    1. Haha Thank you I will let you know how long it lasts! Gosh you have set yourself quite a task, good luck too!!

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