Selena Gomez | Elle

Selena is seen sporting a more mature look in the newest U.S edition of Elle…

I personally love the picture above, the dress is amazing and I like how they have kept her hair and make-up quite minimal, letting the clothing speak for itself.

I love this look also, the mixture of bright orange in the top with the strong blue stripes in the trousers creates a really interesting look.

But I want to know what do you guys think, are the images appropriate for her age or is she trying to growing up too fast?


    1. Yes! I can appreciate the styling of the shoot because the clothing they have used is great but I think in some of the pictures she looks a lot older than her 19 years!

    1. I think its because she has such a baby face that it makes her look younger than she actually is! Yes the metal dress is gorgeous, I wish we could see more of the red dress also , I think that would have been a really interesting look.

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