Just A Splash of …

Colour is something that can instantly liven up an outfit and with summer officially here, there is no better time to start incorporating a bit of colour into your wardrobe.



Zara- £25.99                                                           Zara- £22.99



Zara-£29.99                                                              Mango-£19.99


Wearing a lighter top with the trousers above, will help the trousers stay the main focal point of any outfit. I especially love the Mango pink crop trousers, they can be worn with  flats for a chic, casual look up or glammed up with a pair of chunky heels or wedges.



Zara- £39.99                                                             Zara- £39.99

Zara- £39.99

The red Zara dress has a really lovely structure to it creating a very feminine, curvy silhouette. The mixture of red and pink in the dress also helps to vamp it up! The light pink dress is perfect for spring/summer and the dress above has a lovely mixture of colours incorporated into it’s print.The surprise lace on the back of the dress gives it another dimension also.



Zara- £49.99



Zara- £15.99

Mango- £14.99

With accessories that are as bold as the ones above, its nice to pair them with clothing that is more subtle. The bright neon necklace from Zara for example could be worn under the collar of a crisp white shirt, brightening up an otherwise quite plain look ! Colour can brighten your mood and your outfit and if used well can give you the perfect summer glow!


  1. I agree, if you go bold with color better keep the accesorizing to the minimum! I completly obsessed with color pants these days myself, fashion and clothes should be fun!

    1. Yes, I think its best to keep the colour you use to a minimum. Letting the colour allow your outfit to pop but not over power it. I’ve been recently getting obsessed with neon , I think it can really change an outfit by its addition!

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