By Royal Appointment…

The Queen’s four day Jubilee event  has seen all eyes on the Royal family.  One royal in particular who got it right throughout in terms of fashion, is Kate Middleton.


At the Jubilee Pageant on Sunday, Kate wore an altered version of the Alexander McQueen dress above. I like the fact that she lengthened the arms and made the skirt a little longer in order for the outfit to be more appropriate for the occasion. I think the colour of the dress is gorgeous  and its nice to see her be a little more adventurous and experiment with colour and style also.

Kate flies the flag again for British fashion by wearing this blue print Wallis dress to the Jubilee concert on Monday . Kate paired this £150 dress with a tailored navy jacket. I love the laid back feel to this look, it was appropriate and feminine without being too flamboyant as to draw too much attention to it.

This morning, Kate stepped out in this soft pink print dress for a service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral. The colour is extremely feminine and creates a truly sophisticated look, the head piece she is wearing also adds a lovely touch to the outfit tying  the whole look  together.

What I love about Kate’s style choices is that she has ensured that each outfit has been appropriate for the event in which she has attended. All the outfits worn have been very feminine, sophisticated and  truly chic. Kate I salute you!!

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