An Impromptu Discovery …

Whilst listening to Radio 2 this week I heard Jessie Ware’s song 110 per cent and was instantly mesmerised. After making a mental note of the name and the artist I went about searching for it on Youtube. Since then the song has been on repeat for the past day and a half and I still cannot get enough.

After playing this song to death, I began to search other Jessie Ware songs and stumbled across a track called Running. A song with a more laid back feel to the electric tones of 110 per cent, incorporating more of an 80’s soul vibe.

As well as being quite a promising artist, Jessie also has a strong sense of style.  The concepts of both videos are very different and therefore incorporate contrasting styles. In Running, Jessie is for the majority of the video in a black floor length dress with her hair scrapped back into a double bun. The style is very minimalistic and with the use of  limited  accessories creates quite a polished look.  In 110 per cent however she goes for more of a softer image and one of my favourite looks from the video is the one below. I love the soft, mellow pastel tones incorporated into an all white outfit, the soft curl of her hair is edged up also by a pair of chunky hoop earrings.

I hope to see great things from Jessie Ware in the future and if these two songs are anything to go by, I’m sure I will.

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