The Magic of Ms Watson…

Being an avid Harry Potter fan I feel as though I have grown up alongside Emma Watson over the years . Its only recently however that I have started to take her seriously in terms of her style. What made me first notice her flare for fashion, was through her drastic change in hair cut.  The transition she made to a pixie cut exposed a new confidence in her style, allowing her to be more experimental with her look …

The limited styles that can be created with this hair style,  have enabled her to channel the main focus of her look into her clothing. Allowing her to freely change between styles whilst always keeping her hair as minimal as possible. My favourite look from those above, is the second . The peplum included on the top enables a strong silhouette to be made and the pop of cheetah print in the clutch allows the classic tones of white and black to be given more of an edge. Considering the remarkable transition she has made into adulthood I cannot wait to  see how her style further grows and matures. In  seeing someone of a similar age to that of myself be so inventive and confident with fashion,  has helped me try to do the same.

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