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The Wonder of Gatsby

The last sentence of The Great Gatsby embodies the cycle that fashion takes…

        “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Fashion when moving forward with new ideas and trends, always looks back to the trends of the past to draw inspiration from. This can be seen with the 1920’s style that is ever present in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby creates a world with no limits, a fantastical world full of extravagance and frenzy.  The seemingly hysterical, erratic lifestyle that is portrayed by the characters  embodies a time where the young were as wealthy and  as care free as ever. Such extravagance led to fashion that exuded wealth and status, a fashion that is being revisited this year alongside the release of a new film adaptation in December.


Kaliko- £60                                                   Wallis- £25

The looks shown above embody everything about the 1920’s flapper style. A look that embraces a loose fitting outline and favours intricate designs, with sequins and tassels giving the clothing a strong movement when dancing.

The film out later this year will see a very modern twist on an old classic and from the trailer I very am intrigued by the direction in which it has been taken. Being one of my favourite books, I only hope it lives up to the high expectations set by both the book and the 1974 film.

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The Magic of Ms Watson…

Being an avid Harry Potter fan I feel as though I have grown up alongside Emma Watson over the years . Its only recently however that I have started to take her seriously in terms of her style. What made me first notice her flare for fashion, was through her drastic change in hair cut.  The transition she made to a pixie cut exposed a new confidence in her style, allowing her to be more experimental with her look …

The limited styles that can be created with this hair style,  have enabled her to channel the main focus of her look into her clothing. Allowing her to freely change between styles whilst always keeping her hair as minimal as possible. My favourite look from those above, is the second . The peplum included on the top enables a strong silhouette to be made and the pop of cheetah print in the clutch allows the classic tones of white and black to be given more of an edge. Considering the remarkable transition she has made into adulthood I cannot wait to  see how her style further grows and matures. In  seeing someone of a similar age to that of myself be so inventive and confident with fashion,  has helped me try to do the same.

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Kate’s Love of Lace!

Ever since Kate Middleton paid homage to Grace Kelly with her lace wedding dress, the fashion world has willingly followed her royal example .

Lace when incorporated into casual wear creates a flirty, feminine feel which evokes strong connotations of spring and summer. The dress below by Zara incorporates this look perfectly with the sheer lace on the top half of the dress again providing a natural, feminine look.  The pop of green in the belt also creates a splash of colour to a somewhat neutral dress.

I personally love lace and feel as though it is the perfect staple in any girls spring/summer wardrobe. With all eyes on Kate in the coming years lets hope she throws some more fashion gems like this, our way!!

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My Youtube Find!

Tori Kelly is fast becoming one of my favourite artists. But wait, who is she you ask? Well…

She is a 19 year old singer songwriter with a killer set of lungs. Her channel has seen more that 12 million visitors and with an ever growing fan base she is definitely one to watch. I can safely say that she is one my best YouTube discoveries to date.  I therefore sincerely advice you to take some time out of your day and do what I did on a lazy afternoon last year…just listen.

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May 27, 2012 · 8:04 pm

Alba Chic!

Jessica Alba is fast becoming a style icon of comfy-chic. Her mixture of style and trend allows her to always look fashionable yet  effortless at the same time. My favourite look from the three above is the first, the splash of pink to an otherwise quite plain outfit enables a more vibrant look to be achieved.

When needed however  Alba is able to transition her effortless style into a more formal look and as can be seen from the look below  is truly able to master the art of  old Hollywood glamour.

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Press Print!

Bold prints are everywhere at the moment and no one does it better than Mary Katrantzou. The dress shown is taken from Mary’s collection for Topshop and incorporates strong prints with bold structures. The use of different prints in one piece, evokes strong connotations of spring and the structure implemented on the skirt provides something truly feminine to the dress.

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I stumbled across this photo today and it made me chuckle…

I stumbled across this photo today and it made me chuckle...

Summer is officially upon us and I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to have the sensation of trickling ice cream down my hands once again. It truly is not summer without it!!
(Photo taken from Innocent Drinks)

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May 23, 2012 · 1:06 pm